Think of your favorite TV Show. Your go-to for laughs, or relief. Can you think of it? It’s possible you’re binge-watching it right now. No judgment here. I paused my show to write this blog. Regardless, we all have one. Why is it your favorite? Maybe it’s funny, down-to-earth, or a crazy escape, but I submit it boils down to two things: characters and conflict. The people we love to watch, and the rough things they go through. 

If the series (or movie) is done correctly, the end of the story will release the tension, end all the conflict, and deliver every emotional payoff you’ve longed for since the beginning. As a filmmaker, this is one of the most satisfying things about shooting a wedding: capturing the emotional payoff of the story. A few years ago, I directed an independent film called Kid West (currently on Amazon Prime). The process involved creating lovable characters, taking them through crazy challenges, and making the ending so enjoyable, that the audience jumps out of their seats. Telling a tale with insurmountable obstacles is what we filmmakers do best. No challenge, no joy. No conflict, no payoff. 

If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely in the thick of conflict. You and your partner (the heroes of the story) are going through a lot. Tensions are high. Budget, timeline, family stuff, vendor bookings, unforeseen craziness. This is where the supporting cast comes in. Your wedding party, your wedding planner, and other voices that push you towards the glorious end of the journey. For me, filming the wedding party is a blast. I see how much they mean to the heroes, and it’s a joy to capture that. Again, think of your favorite TV show. There are always colorful characters in the ensemble cast. These lovable people help the heroes make it to the finish line. 

How are you doing in this process? Are you getting the help you need? Do you feel like the heroes of the story, or a couple of punching bags? Do all you see is the conflict you’re going through? Do you just need a hug? I’ve been there. It’s hard to plan a wedding, but trust me, yours will be great. On your wedding day, you’ll be treated as the heroes that you really are, and you’ll feel like it too. You’ll receive what all the hard work was for in the first place: your spouse! 
As the heroes, you know the conflict you’ve been through better than anyone, and trust me, it will make the story’s end even more sweet. With a filmmaker in your corner, I ensure that your payoff memories always last. From a guy who loves telling stories, I believe your happy ending is worth filming, and soon enough, you’ll be enjoying your own epilogue.