VENU Minneapolis Styled Shoot
Jesse (Raw, Private Gallery)
VENU Minneapolis Styled Shoot


Congratulations, friends! I'm Jesse Mast. It's been a joy to capture over a hundred weddings these past few years. As a filmmaker at heart, my passion is to capture visually, what you're experiencing emotionally. Telling your love story in such a timeless way, that when you watch your film over and over, every ounce of joy is relived. Excited to get to know you more!

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Alyssa and Katie are wonderful. They are not only both beautiful, kind, and generous, but they are forces to be reckoned with. They met through hockey, and when one partner was threatened on the ice, the other was there to protect them. Getting to know them, as well as filming them, was a real pleasure. With two brides, and the ageless setting of The Hutton House in Medicine Lake, MN, the level of beauty was incredible. Have you ever had your breath taken away? After filming the wedding, I politely asked for my breath back! It was a privilege to capture these two amazing women, surrounded by the people who love them the most.


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I’d love to capture your wedding on film, so that you not only have photographs to cherish, but memories to relive forever.

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